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Protecting Your Home's Basement With Waterproofing Services

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The basement of your house is one of the areas of the structure that can be the most vulnerable to suffering major damage due to water seeping into this area. Unfortunately, basement waterproofing projects are something that people will often fail to undertake for their homes as a result of misunderstanding this threat and the work that waterproofing this space will require.

Assumption: You Should Wait Until You Notice Signs Of Moisture Intrusion To Waterproof The Basement

A common mistake that homeowners will make is waiting until their basement has already experienced major water damage problems before investing in this type of work. As a result, they could find themselves needing to pay for both major water damage restoration services as well as waterproofing contractors. By acting proactively to eliminate the ability of water to seep into this space, you can avoid this potential problem for your home.

Assumption: A Basement Waterproofing Project Is Easy Enough For A Homeowner To Do Without Assistance

When it comes to waterproofing projects, homeowners may be guilty of assuming that this work will only involve the need to apply protective sealants to the interior walls and flooring of the basement. In reality, effective waterproofing is a project that will require far more extensive work being done to the home. For example, the first step in a basement waterproofing project will be to identify whether there are any cracks or other damages that could allow moisture to easily enter this space. These damaged areas will have to be repaired before the waterproofing project can begin. Additionally, there may be a need to install equipment, such as sump pumps, that can actively remove moisture that may be starting to accumulate in the basement. A professional waterproofing contractor will be able to assess the design of your basement, the terrain around your home, and the overall risk of moisture intrusion occurring to create an effective plan for protecting this portion o your house.

Assumption: The Waterproofing Work Will Need To Be Done Ever Few Years

While basement waterproofing can be very effective at protecting a home, a person may be far less likely to invest in having this done if they are assuming that it is a project that will only provide short-term results. More specifically, this could lead to individuals assuming that they will have to waterproof their basement every few years in order to maintain these results. In actuality, the results of basement waterproof projects can last for decades before they will need to be restored. 

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