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Pipes Burst In Your Bathroom And Seeing Mold? Check For Mold In Other Areas

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If you had pipes burst in your bathroom, this can cause mold to grow quickly. Mold needs water or any kind of wetness to grow well. It is important that you find all mold and get it out as it can be dangerous. People can breathe in mold spores, which can especially cause problems with people that have respiratory problems or allergies. Keep reading to know where to look for mold and tips on getting it out of your home.

Look for Mold

Mold can grow in different areas of your home. For example, if you had a pipe burst in your bathroom, look in the shower and bathtub. This is a common area for mold because this area is often damp. Look around the showerhead and faucet, on tile grout, on the shower curtain, and even on shampoo bottles. Look in the toilet and sink for mold growth. Look behind your toilet, plumbing pipes under the sink, and inside the cabinet under the sink. You should use a vent fan in the bathroom to cut down on moisture and install a dehumidifier so humidity levels do not get high, which can cause dampness. 

You may find mold in the kitchen as this is also a common area for moisture. Look under the kitchen sink, behind your refrigerator, and inside the refrigerator. Inspect the kitchen flooring, especially around the edges.

The biggest problem with mold is it can hide inside walls, inside ductwork, etc. which makes it hard to find on your own. Hire a professional company to do mold remediation if you found a lot of mold in the areas listed above. 

Mold Remediation

Contact a mold remediation company to come to your home immediately. They can repair the plumbing pipe system for you to stop mold from growing. They will then determine where the mold is growing and isolate the areas. This may be sealing off the area, such as the bathroom, to prevent the mold from spreading. They will then close windows and the door and any other openings that are sealed with plastic sheeting. 

The remediation company uses a wet/dry vacuum on moldy surfaces. They then clean and remove mold from those surfaces. If there are items that have mold, they will remove them and put them in sealed plastic bags and out of your home. The mold remediation company scrubs the mold areas to get all mold off and then sprays a disinfectant to kill mold spores that may be left behind.  

The mold remediation company can tell you much more about how they work. Reach out to a mold remediation service near you to learn more.