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The Commercial Roofing Guide To Energy Efficiency And Durable Roof Systems To Reduce Costs

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If you are installing a roof on your business, you want the investment to help you save and reduce your costs. You should consider the energy efficiency of roof designs, as well as the materials that are used. Making your commercial roof more durable and energy-efficient can help lower your annual costs. The following commercial roofing improvements will help you with these improvements to reduce your costs when investing in new roofing:

The most energy-efficient commercial roofing—The materials that are used for modern commercial roofing can be anything from corrugated steel and asphalt to membranes and modern green roofing systems. You want to have the most energy-efficient materials for the roof of your business, and some of these options include:

  • Spray foam coatings with sealant
  • Rigid sheathing with a roof membrane
  • Green roof systems with drainage and plantlife

These are some of the most energy-efficient options that you are going to want to consider for your commercial roof.

Energy improvements to add to commercial roofing—There are also other options for additional energy improvements to your commercial roofing, which include:

  • Spray foam insulation and coatings
  • Rigid insulated sheathing for decking
  • Layers of moisture barriers that reduce thermal transfer

These additional improvements can reduce energy loss and make your business more energy efficient when you have a new roof installed. 

Commercial roofing improvements to reduce wear—There are also many improvements that can be made to reduce the wear of commercial roofing materials. Some commercial roof improvements that can help you reduce wear include:

  • Double-layers of roofing for high traffic areas
  • Installing maintenance paths to stay off roofing
  • Using durable asphalt alternatives like porous pavements
  • Green roofing systems that have plantlife and are resistant to wear

These improvements to your roof will reduce wear and ensure your new roof lasts without causing a lot of expensive problems.

Additional systems to make commercial roofing more durable—The additional systems like drainage installations will help to reduce wear and prevent damage to your roof. Some of the additional commercial roof improvements you may want for your business include:

  • Roof drain lines and grates
  • Industrial metal maintenance paths
  • Bird and pest deterrent systems

These additional roof systems can help reduce problems with wear and damage that can be costly to fix. 

The improvements to commercial roofing can be a great way to reduce your annual costs. Contact a commercial roofing contractor and talk to them about the right improvements when investing in a new roof for your business.